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“Calling on the Past” by Amir H. Fallah. Photo courtesy the Smart Museum of Art. Photography by Michael Tropea.
Fall 2023
Daisy Rockwell, AB’91, AM’98, PhD’98, paints subjects across the political spectrum, including this depiction of Senator Bernie Sanders, AB’64.
Spring 2023
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Fall 2022
7000 Marks, a sculpture by DoVA lecturer Amber Ginsburg and Sara Black, appeared in the Logan Center’s exhibition ON DRAWING DRAWING ON during Winter Quarter. Photography courtesy SPACES gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. 2 ALUMNUS PROFILE Aha! Paul Durica does public history. 4 IDEAS Two perspectives on queering the text With Kris Trujillo and Leslie Buxbaum Danzig. 6 HUMANITIES AT WORK Grit into grace Maestra Jeri Lynne Johnson, AM’05, challenges perceptions in the arts. 8 YOUNG FACULTY FOCUS New angles Art Histor
Spring 2022
Tableau Fall 2021 Cover
Fall 2021
Tableau Spring 2021 Cover
Spring 2021
Gestalt  Web  by  Augusta  Read  Thomas,  one  of  a  series  of  drawings  graphically  depicting  a  creative  process  in  composing  music  with  implications   for   other   areas   of   imaginative   thinking.   Thomas   is   University  Professor  of  Composition  in  the  Department  of  Music  and  founding director of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition. Photography by Nathan Keay.
Fall 2020
Xu Bing's piece "1st Class" was on display in the "Allure of Matter: Material Art from China" at the Smart Museum this spring.
Spring 2020
A view of the Ptolemaic temple from the Oriental Institute's ongoing excavation at Tell Edfu
Fall 2019
Early films used color in distinctive ways.
Spring 2019
From the US Pavilion at this year's Venice Architecture Biennale
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