Fall 2001

From the Dean
0 Dear Alumni and Friends Dean, Janel Mueller
On Campus
1 From Medieval to Modern in the Islamic World: 2001-2002 Sawyer Seminar at the University of Chicago Islam, Sawyer Seminar, Cornell Fleischer, Andrew Mellon Foundation
Faculty Focus
10 Acquired Talents: New Humanities Faculty Faculty, Muzzafar Alam, Robert Bird, Jason Bridges, David Finkelstein, Gunnar Olafur Hansson
12 Recent Work Work, Faculty, Publications
Office Hours
6 The Eye, the Phallus, The Philosopher: Vision and Eros in the Early Roman Empire Shadi Bartsch, Eros, Philosophy, Rome, Greece, Mediterranean
7 Love at the Movies: The Desire and Pursuit of the Hole Tom Gunning, Art History, Cinema and Media Studies, Eros
Alumni Affairs
4 Enter the Flood: Poetry and the Small Press Pam Rehm, Poetry, Devin Johnston, Michael O'Leary, Ronald Johnson
5 Chicago Review: Cultivating Talent, Fostering Careers Chicago Review, Philip Roth, William S. Burroughs, Leslie Marmo Silko, Literature