Fall 2019

From the Dean
1 A Message from the Dean The study and research within the Division of the Humanities is born of interdisciplinary thought and inquiry. At the same time, we recognize the importance of the humanities for helping us learn from our past and negotiate the present.
Alumni Spotlight
2 Circuitous Paths and Casual Collisions Architect David Manfredi, AM'76, builds narratives in concrete. His architectural firm designs bold new buildings all over the world, especially in its home city of Boston.
4 Two Perspectives on Creativity What does it mean to make art, and how do we interpret it once it exists? Darby English, UChicago art historian, and William Pope.L, UChicago artist, and one of the artists Darby studies, discuss the nature of creation.
Humanities at Work
6 Endangered Speakers Two UChicago Linguistics professors received more than $400,000 from the National Science Foundation to study language contact between Russian, Sakha, and the minority languages in the Republic of Sakha in northeastern Russia, near the Arctic Circle.
Graduate Students
8 Tales From the Tell UChicago graduate students are gaining hands-on experience digging up artifacts and buildings at the Egyptian excavation site of Tell Edfu.
Faculty Focus
10 New Faculty Fall 2019 Seventeen new faculty members join the Division of the Humanities. These scholars come from diverse areas of the humanities, encompassing studies such as Cinema and Media Studies, Creative Writing, Linguistics, and Philosophy.
Alumni Notes
12 No Trailblazing Needed Recent Division of the Humanities alumnus Andrew Peart, AM'16, PhD'18, moderated a panel of fellow editors to an audience of about 50 graduate students and postdocs at GRADUCon, an annual career conference.
Spotlight on Scholarship
13 Shifting Focus Teaching Fellows program gives new PhDs room to grow as teachers and scholars.