Spring 2019

From the Dean
1 From the Dean Scholars in the Division of the Humanities have recently received accolades from around the world for their work.
Alumni Spotlight
2 Beyond Black and White UChicago alum Joshua Yumibe shows early film's true colors. Before feature-length Hollywood films, most early films were fiction and nonfiction shorts, and many used color.
Humanities at Work
4 Artist at Work Three MFAs are making their way in the art world. John Preus, Sara Black, and Danny Volk are all pursuing dramatically different careers in the art world.
6 Migration, Belonging, and Design The US Pavilion at the Venice Biennale examines citizenship and borders. Niall Atkinson, associate professor of Art History at UChicago, was one of three curators of the US Pavilion.
8 Two Perspectives on Ancient Climate Change In the past 30 years, much has been written about climate's effect on ancient civilizations, but paleoclimatology has driven the narrative. Humanists wonder: what if we put the focus on people rather than their environment?
Young Faculty Focus
10 The Written Word New Creative Writing faculty grow to meet popular demand. These new professors are teaching notable courses and writing significant works of fiction and nonfiction outside of the classroom.
Graduate Students
12 Lauren Michele Jackson Does Not Do Hot Takes A prolific writer, Lauren Michele Jackson has published stories in the New Yorker, the Atlantic, and Vulture. The English graduate student's collection of essays, White Negroes, is forthcoming in the fall.
Faculty Focus
13 Giving Voice Faculty book explores the many dimensions of voice. UChicago Professors Martha Feldman and Judith Zeitlin coedited a new book about the elusive and confounding human voice.