Fall 2009

From the Dean
1 Dear Alumni and Friends Dean, Martha Roth
Here & Now
2 Jewish Studies without Borders Jewish, Center for Jewish Studies, Brooke O'Neill
2 A Conversation with Josef Stern Center for Jewish Studies, Jewish, Josef Stern
3 Humanities Day 2009 Humanities Day
3 Wellbery Gives Humanities Day Keynote David Wellbery, Humanities Day, Faust
4 Art Scholar Sparks Conversation between China and Chicago Art, China, Wu Hung, Lisa Pevtzow
5 English Spoken Where? Salikoko Mufwene, English, Language, Congo, Linguistics, Josh Schonwald
7 Dynamic Disorientation Cinema, Media studies, Film, Kristian Kerr
6 Bridging the Gap Workshops, Kristian Kerr, Graduate, Student
5 Javits Fellows Show Promise Jacob K. Javits Fellowship
8 Learning to Look Rhoades Foundation, Endowment, Art, Art History, Julius Lewis, Joanne Berens
9 Music, the Chicago Way Music, Cinema, Concerts, Lecutures, Visual Art, Art, Olivier Messiaen
10 Humanity, Philology, Digitality: The ARTFL Project Thrives at the Nexus of Critical Thought and Technological Innovation ARTFL, American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language, Robert Morrissey, France, Daniel Parisi
On Campus
15 Onward and Upward Graduate Student, Placements
16 Curriculum Vitae Faculty, Work, Publications
20 In Memoriam Anna Lisa Crone, Poetry, Slavic, Leszek Kolakowski, Committee on Social Thought, William Ferguson Sibley, Milton Ehre, Russian Language
22 New Faculty New Faculty
23 Humanities Welcomes Neubauer Family Assistant Professors Neubauer, Agnes Callard, Greg Kobele, Linguistics, Philosophy
24 Sights + Sounds Faculty Work
25 The Honor Roll, 2008-2009 Gifts, contributions, donors, donations
28 A Professor's Highest Honor Endowment, Carrie M. Golus, Martin Ryerson
29 A Selection of Events on Campus and in the City Events