Spring 2002

From the Dean
0 Dear Alumni and Friends Dean, Janel Mueller
On Campus
1 Artists on Campus:Showcasing the Art of our FAculty artists Committee on the Visual Arts, William Orchard, Laura Letinsky, Herbert George, Helen Mirra, Bob Peters, Alison Ruttan
20 In the Theater of the Classroom: Analyzing Performance, Performing Analysis Heidi Coleman, University Theatre
Alumni Affairs
22 Proof: Gerald Kowarsky reviews David Auburn's Acclaimed Play Gerald Kowarsky, Proof, David Auburn
5 Artists on Education Alumni, Artists, Art, Education, Leon Botstein, Deborah Drattell, Greg Kotis, Bernard Sahlins, David Ray, Susan Sontag, Philip Roth, Kurt Vonnegut
25 Onward and Upward Job, Placement, Graduate
Office Hours
12 Social Change and Contemporary Chinese Art Wu Hung, Art, China, Communism, East Asian Civilizations
13 Poetry, Politics, and War Lauren Berlant, September 11th, Eleventh, Literature, English
Faculty Focus
8 Painting and Literature: Three Faculty Members Explore the Relationship between Two Art Forms Frederick De Armas, Painting, Art, Literature, Bozena Shallcross
11 What Matters to Me and Why Philip Gossett, Faculty
16 Another Chicago School: Cinema and Media Studies Cinema and Media Studies, Kevan Askari, Tom Gunning
23 Richard Stern: Writer, Teacher, Chicagoan Richard Stern, Department of English Language and Literature, Rosie Banks
Student Spotlight
18 Underworlds: The Secret Lives of Photographs Emily Shelton, Photography