Tableau 2000

From the Dean
0 Dear Alumni and Friends Dean, Janel Mueller
What's New
1 The Gift of Music Music, Wayne Booth, David Fulton
12 Smart Art Smart Museum, Education Study Room
14 Cultural Policy Arts, Museum, Culture, Controversy, Cultural Policy Program
16 The Franke Institute for the Humanities Franke Institute, Humanities, Interdisciplinary, Phillip Gossett, John Goldsmith, Barbara Stafford, Janel Mueller, Paul Hunter, Wayne Booth, Karl Weintraub, John Coetzee, Martin Runkle, Michael Dawson
22 Acquired Talents John Brewer, James Conant, Gregory Golley, Michael Green, Donald Harper, John Haugeland, Noel Herpe, Brian Krostenko, Sandra Macpherson, Armando Maggi, Richard Neer, Jacqueline Stewart, Stefanie Von Schnurbein
22 Recent Books by Humanities Faculty Books, Faculty
Graduate Studies
2 Ethnomusicology Martin Strokes, Philip Bohlman, Ethnomusicology
6 Kollecting Krimis East German, Germany, Novel, Krimis, Todd Herzog
15 Human Rights Human Rights, Philosophy, Human Rights Program, Global Justice, Martha Nussbaum
18 American Poetry John Taggart, Poetry, America, Danielle Allen
21 Public Intellectuals
24 Onward and Upward Graduate, Job Placement
29 Supporting Arguments John Crespi, East Asia, Andrew Hebard, English Language and Literature, Steven Heim, South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Faculty Focus
8 Violence and Representation W.J.T. Mitchell, WJT, Violence, English, Art History
8 Ancient Violence and the Web of Human Relations Danielle Allen, Classics, Greek Literature, Greece, Violence
Alumni Affairs
4 Humanities Bibliographers Sem Cutter, Bibliography, Regenstein, Catherine Mardikes
26 Oral History William A Freedman, Baseball, Oral History, English, Robert Marsh, James Levine, Andrea Stenn Stryer, Music, Philosophy, Milky Way, Creation Tales, Robert Wolf, American Poetry, Prose, Mitsuye Yamada, Japan
Familiar Faces
20 In Memoriam James McCawley, Elaine Francis, Linguistics and East Asian Languages