Spring 2011

From the Dean
A Message from the Dean Martha Roth, Dean
On Campus
In Memoriam Miriam Hansen, James E. Miller Jr., Ian Mueller
Here & Now
Ancient and Modern Innovators Elizabeth Station, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Theo van den Hout, Orit Bashkin, Ahmed El Shamsy, Petra Goedegebuure, Rebecca Hasselbach, Nadine Moeller, Na'ama Rokem, Andrea Seri
Composing Herself Susie Allen, Augusta Read Thomas, University Professor
Fragments at an Exhibition Carrie Golus, Echoes of the Past, Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshen, Katherine Tsiang, Center for the Art of East Asia, Smart Museum of Art
Thoroughly Thuerer Laura Demanski, Tom Thuerer
Dynamic Duos Hannah Hayes, James Chandler, Alison Winter, Françoise Meltzer, W. J. T. Mitchell, Center for Disciplinary Innovation, Franke Institute for the Humanities
A Conversation with David Wellbery Katherine Muhlenkamp, David Wellbery, Germanic Studies, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on German Literature and Culture, Robert Abbott, Georginna Hinnebusch
New Tools, Old Questions Susie Allen, Linguistics, Ming Xiang, Chris Kennedy, Jason Riggle
The Making of an MFA Elizabeth Station, Department of Visual Art, Jacqueline Hendrickson, Emily Jones, Catherine Sullivan