Paul Durica is director of exhibitions at Chicago's Newberry Library.


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Paul Durica, public historian at the Newberry and in the pubs
Christian thinkers like Bernard of Clairvaux sometimes called themselves the bride of Christ.



Two perspectives on queering the text

Queer theory, broadly speaking, means analysis outside a heteronormative framework. Here, two scholars explore texts through a queer lens via research and pedagogy.
In addition to conducting, Jeri Lynne Johnson helps shape arts fields with DEI Arts Consulting.


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Grit into grace

Jeri Lynne Johnson, AM’05, defies and diversifies expectations of a musical maestra.

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Ethics unleashed

A philosophy PhD student explores ethical theory, therapy, and the bond between humans and dogs.
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Both text and imagery, as shown on this grave stele, are central to Seth Estrin's scholarship.

New angles

Art History’s junior faculty look at the discipline from shifting perspectives.
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Lauren Berlant was the George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature.

Excerpt: “Cruel Optimism”

Remembering Laurent Berlant