Image from an early color film Physique diabolique


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Beyond Black and White

Joshua Yumibe shows early film's true colors.
John Preus's The Beast was a 2014 installation at the Hyde Park Art Center.


humanities at work

Artistic Direction

How three MFAs made their way in the art world
Catherine Kearns's work in Cyprus began with a traditional archaeological survey, studying surface details across a landscape, often in the form of ceramics but sometimes architecture.



Two Perspectives on Ancient Climate Change

Coping with changing climates in early antiquity

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new faculty
Will Boast, Augustus Rose, and Rachel DeWoskin have recently published novels.

The Written Word

New Creative Writing faculty grows to meet popular demand.
graduate students
Lauren Michele Jackson

Lauren Michele Jackson Doesn't Do Hot Takes

She writes nuanced essays about race that happen to be published online.
One part of the US Pavilion, MEXUS invited visitors to consider the number of watersheds, ecological zones, and other regions that cross the Mexico-US border.

Migration, Belonging, and Design

The US Pavilion at the Venice Biennale examines citizenship and borders.
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An image from the cover of "The Voice as Something More" illustrates the mysterious nature of voice.

Giving Voice

Faculty book explores the many dimensions of voice.