Flint Water Project by William Pope.L also helped to raise money to buy clean water for residents of Flint, Michigan.



Two Perspectives on Creativity

What does it mean to make art, and how do we interpret it once it exists? An art historian and one of the artists he studies discuss the nature of creation.
Residents of the Republic of Sakha speak five--possibly six--indigenous languages, in addition to Russian and Sakha, the regional language.


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Endangered Speakers

How does language contact lead to language loss?
Nadine Moeller co-drects the archaeological project at Tell Edfu. The Oriental Institute, which leads the excavation, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.



Tales from the Tell

Digging up experience at the Egyptian excavation site of Tell Edfu

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Back row, left to right: Lina Ferreira, Kris Trujillo, Hoda El Shakry, Catriona MacLeod, and Noel Blanco Mouelle; Front row, left to right: Noemie Ndiaye and Allyson Ettinger

New Faculty Fall 2019

The Division of the Humanities welcomes 17 new faculty members.
The zoetrope is one of the artifacts of nineteenth-century visual culture that Amanda Shubert will discuss in her course Realism or Illusions of the Real.

Shifting Focus

Teaching Fellows program gives new PhDs room to grow as teachers and scholars
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Among Manfredi's designs is the New Balance headquarters in Boston.

Circuitous Paths and Casual Collisions

David Manfredi builds narratives in concrete.
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The critical skills graduate students learn in the internships and the classroom prepare them for many professions.

No Trailblazing Needed

Career advice at GRADUCon