The Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago performed at the 2023 World Dumpling Fest, hosted by the Chicago Cultural Alliance.


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How a Comparative Literature PhD forged a career path supporting Chicago cultural organizations
Marc Downie is part of OpenEndedGroup, whose pieces include "Upending (2010)," an experimental work of 3D cinema that digitally reconstructed photographic images to create a haunting, otherworldly effect.



Two perspectives on artificial intelligence

A philosopher and a digital artist discuss AI’s ability to communicate (or not) and its role in the creative process.
Anthony Stott's Fulbright trip allowed him to scout for issues of defunct Japanese journal "Critical Space."


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On the road

PhD students discuss the professional and personal benefits of the Fulbright Program.
Pauline Goul is interested in how early modern literature and maps depict the world in terms of resources to be extracted and exploited.


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Romance and representation

Junior faculty in Romance Languages and Literatures trace empires and ideologies.
Ben Steverman, AB'99, AM'99, enjoys the challenge of explaining complex financial terms and products to readers without using jargon.


humanities at work

Read all about it

The scoop on journalism from a trio of Humanities alumni

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Romance Languages and Literatures assistant professors Pauline Goul, Noel Blanco Mourelle, Khalid Lyamlahy, and Danielle Roper

Pedagogy and poetry

More from the Romance Languages and Literatures junior faculty
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Donna Tong, LAB'20, Class of 2024, is one of many College students pairing a humanistic and a nonhumanistic major.

Thought experiment

A College student discovers the science of poetry and vice versa.
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Marc Downie

Artist’s intention

More from Marc Downie on AI and the creative process
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Alumni journalists Zeba Khan, AB'03, AM'03, Ben Steverman, AB'99, AM'99, and Kealey Boyd, AB'01, AM'10

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Books in progress, pitching tips, and more