Yoo and his students are working on a virtual reality game to teach the Korean language. Image credit: Image (c) Vrillar


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(Micro)history in the making

Theodore Jun Yoo, AM’97, PhD’02, looks at Korea up close and personal.
A stereograph card from the early twentieth century shows twin images of a George Washington statue in the United States Capitol.



Two perspectives on a divided America

Clifford Ando and Chris Kennedy discuss problems of communication, identity, and trust.
Chandani Patel, PhD'15, and Brady Smith, AM'09, PhD'15, with their daughter, Aashna


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Side by side

How a couple approached their dual careers after earning PhDs at UChicago, and what they learned along the way

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humanities in the world
Q Station, a historical quarantine site in Sydney, Australia

Into quarantine

Two alumni tackle the history and architecture of locked-down spaces.
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Anne Walters Robertson, Dean of the Division of the Humanities Image credit: Photography by John Zich

From the Dean

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual Humanities Day in the fall of 2020 serves as a prototype of how to conduct an online signature event.
graduate students
Graves visited this shrine in the Indian state of Gujarat in 2016.

Diaspora and descent

Jazmin Graves, AM’15, studies the religious songs of Afrodescendants in India.
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Akira Kurosawa's "The Idiot" (1951) was one of the works Olga Solovieva examined in her study of Russian influences on the Japanese filmmaker.

Outside the boxes

Junior faculty in Comparative Literature cross borders, stand at the vanguard.