Spring 2012

From the Dean
1 A Message from the Dean Dean, Martha Roth
2 Who is Ken Warren? Ken Warren, Invisible Man, Literature
4 Going into the Field Eric McMillan, Veterans, Josh Cannon, Robert Greene, Graduate, Alumni
6 The Triumph of Tea India, Tea, Philip Lutgendorf
8 In the Engine Room of Reality Philosophy, Faculty, Anton Ford, Marko Malink, Chris Frey, Anubav Vasudevan, Anat Schechtman, Kevin Davey, Ben Laurence, Malte Wiler
In Their Own Words Graduate students, V. Joshua Adams, Jose Antonio Arellano, Caroline Schopp
News in Brief
10 How Did You Get That Awesome Job? Journalism, NPR
11 A New Era for the Arts Logan Center
12 Sawyer Seminar Focuses on Global Changes Sawyer Seminar, Around 1948, Franke Institute, Deborah Nelson
13 Engaging with India Dean Martha Roth, Vivekananda, Professorship, India