Tableau spoke to Humanities alumni who have their own podcasts. Here they share some advice.

Invest in a good microphone.

“Don’t cheap out on the mic. Just go ahead and get the medium-to-really-good mic. As good as you can afford, really.”—Isabeau Dasho, AM’17

Don’t overcommit.

“My roommate Mark Hopwood, who was my original cohost for the first couple years of the show, said, ‘All right, what do you think is the rate at which you can release episodes and still have time to do your other stuff?’ And I was like, ‘Probably every other week?’ And he said, ‘OK, great. Just halve that, and now it’s realistic.’”—Matt Teichman, AM’09, PhD’15, SM’18

Try, try again.

“Don’t be afraid to do a second take.”—I. D.

DIY (or don’t).

“Are you going to hire a sound person? Are you going to get an editor or are you going to learn to do the editing? . . . You can absolutely do all those things yourself, or you can get hired by a studio, and that’s even lovelier, because all you have to do is write and then they do all the hard work.”—Heather Huntington, AM’99

It’s OK if it doesn’t become a full-time job.

Deciding to make podcasting a career “is one way to go about it, but you don’t have to go about it that way to get something really valuable from creating.”—Morgan Lott, AM’17

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