Honor Roll

The Division of the Humanities gratefully acknowledges the alumni, friends, and organizations who so generously contributed cash gifts during the 2009–10 fiscal year (July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010). While space limitations restrict us to listing cumulative giving of $100 or more, we extend our sincere thanks to all those who support the work of the division. We also want to make certain that we acknowledge the generosity of our supporters appropriately. Please accept our apologies for any errors, and bring them to our attention by contacting Sarah Farrell at 773.702.9243 or syfarrell@uchicago.edu.

The Division of the Humanities gratefully acknowledges the alumni, friends, and organizations who so generously contributed cash gifts during the 2009-2010 fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). While space limitations restrict us to listing cumulative giving of $100 or more, we extend our sincere thanks to all those who support the work of the division. We also want to make certain that we acknowledge the generosity of our supporters appropriately. Please accept our apologies for any errors, and bring them to our attention by contacting Dana Treglia at 773.702.9290 or dtreglia@uchicago.edu.

$1,000,000 and above

Karla Scherer*
The Estate of Margaret McKenzie
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


The Estate of Ethel Rose Schellhaas
Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation
Ralph Wanger, Jr. and Leah Zell
The Estate of Janice Trimble
Catherine C. Mouly* and LeRoy T. Carlson Jr.
David Grossman and Lauren Beznos Grossman
Luso-American Development Foundation
Mr. Jack W. Fuller* and Dr. Debra Karen Moskovits
Mary Tsien Dunkel and Alexander Dunkel
Maurice J.* and Lois R.* Beznos


The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs.* Ulrich E. Meyer
Brenda Shapiro*
Dr. Anneliese Sinn


The Donnelley Foundation
The Estate of Chester D. Tripp
Al Svirmickas
Jeffrey L. Skelton and Barbara J. Selbach
Mr. and Mrs.* James T. Rhind
Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust
Nik B. Edes
Harriet Heyman and Michael Moritz
The Chicago Community Trust
Randy L.* and Melvin R. Berlin
Alexander Street Press


Julius Lewis*
Mrs. Robert B. Mayer*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mazzoni
Betsey N.* and Dale R. Pinkert
Barry F. Preston* and Eunice Valdivia-Preston
Robert Pinkert
Don* and Carol* Randel
Robert Bosch Foundation
George Rosenbaum*
Saudi Arabian Oil Company
Michael J.* and Geraldine S. Schlutz
TGS Petroleum Inc.
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research
Jill Bixler
Korea Literature Translation Institute
Gayle H. Jensen*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Joel Honigberg
Julie and Parker* Hall
Barbara* and Richard J.* Franke
John Glier*
Harve A. Ferrill*
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Dean
Katharine P.* and Peter H. Darrow
Anita Straub Darrow*
Mr.* and Mrs.* E. David Coolidge III
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert A. Brawer


Roger O. and Barbara Brown
Katherine Abelson* and Robert Cornell
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Sandra and James Boves
James F. Zangrilli
Kay Torshen*
Raymond Smart
Smart Family Foundation, Inc.
Draga Shillinglaw-Kellick
Peter L. Sheldon
Barbara Heisley Rogers*
Regents Park 5020, LLC
Steven* and Wendy Phillips
Margaret Philipsborn
Max Kade Foundation
Desmond R.* and Jeanne B.* La Place
Danette G. Kauffman*
Ivan P.* and Kathy R. Kane
Gerald M. Kowarsky
Matthew and Carolyn S.* Bucksbaum
Jonathan E. Dedmon*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Robert Feitler
Mr. and Mrs. F. Conrad Fischer
German Academic Exchange Service
Amy L. Gold*
Philip and Suzanne Gossett
Richard* and Mary L.* Gray
Harper Court Arts Council, Inc.
David and Julie Hildebrand


Mrs. Leonard J. Horwich*
Mrs. Harold H. Hines*
Lydia A. Howarth and Nicholas S. Zeppos
Mrs. Robert D. Kestnbaum*
Elizabeth M. Johnson
Punita Khanna and John Yates
Mr.* and Mrs. William J. Lawlor III
Dr. William G. Lycan
Qin Guo Lin
Thomas G. MacCracken
Anthony* and Darlene Maramarco
Richard* and Judy* Marcus
Alfred L.* and Nancy Lauter* McDougal
Charles H. Mottier*
Nancy* and Manuel Parra
Ruth O'Brien and Stuart A. Rice
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Haselkorn
Joan W. Harris*
Gary M. Gutting
Joyce Zeger Greenberg
Nancy H.* and Isak V. Gerson
Eugene Goldwasser and Deone Jackman
Jim and Karen* Frank
Joan* and William Dutton
Mr. and Mrs.* Richard Elden
Allan E. Bulley Jr.*
Philippe Desan
Robert* and Marie Crane Bergman
Mrs. Edwin A. Bergman*
Dorothy L. Baumgarten*
Geraldine S. Alvarez
Peter L. Allen *
David* and Jennifer Rhind
Mr. and Mrs.* Harvey B. Plotnick
Dr. Willard E. White
Diana C. and Peter White
Rebecca West
Andreas Waldburg-Wolfegg*
Bonnie Wachtel
Dr. Yoshio Ueno
Mrs. Jack Stein*
Lore Silberman and Bernard H. Wilson
David Byron Smith
Susan K. Sclafani
Richard W. Shepro* and Lindsay E. Roberts
Victor Tsien


Sarah Miller
Stephen J. Miller
Sarah D. Mirkin
Paula* and Herbert R. Molner
Dr. James R. and Mrs. Ichiko T. Morita
Janel and Ian Mueller
Dr. Karl Olsson
Kenneth Nebenzahl*
Eve and Stuart Pinkert
Gary Ossewaarde
Dr. Ming-Sun Poon
Dr. Mary S. Lawton*
Frank and Linda Mayer
Jane and Arthur Mason
Barbara F. Marshall*
Judd D. Malkin
Stephen J. Malkin
Tai-Loi Ma
Barry Malkin
Dr. and Mrs. George C. Liang
Dr. Alan Leff
Yuhang Li and Viren V. Murthy
Barbara and Lawrence Kerslake
Stuart P. Sondheimer
Mary A. Young*
Richard Wotkun
James D. Wing
Joan D. Wellman
Jonathan T. Wang
Allen M. Turner*
Ruth E. Ultmann
David Tsai
Robert and Kathleen Sullivan
Tomaras Investments, Inc.
Randi Steinberger
Margot L.* and Thomas J. Pritzker
Gay K.* and John R. Stanek
Ida N. Sondheimer
Laurel C. Sneed
Mrs. Shiow-Jyu Lu Shaw
Mary Rose Shaughnessy
Dr. Elizabeth E. Sengupta
Kenneth Schubert
Ms. Martha T. Roth and Dr. Bryon Rosner
Leona Z. Rosenberg
Tuuli-Ann Ristkok
Donald* and Svetlana Chae
Stephanie N. Endy* and Pratik S. Dave
Jack Emmert
Ronald and Belle Elving
Alexandra* and David Earle
Vladimir Donchik
Dr. Jinfang Dong
Walter J. and Mary Dickie
Alan R. Cravitz* and Shashi Caudill
Mr.* and Mrs. Bruce E. Clinton
Hyung Jin Cho
Mrs. Hammond E. Chaffetz*
John D. Kuhns
The Estate of Charlene Hodges Byrd
Erika Bruhn*
John* and Judy Bross
Joel* and Carole Bernstein
Reverend David W. Beaubien
Lawrence S. Berlin*
Michael and Lynette Baker
Annice M. Alt
Duffie A. Adelson *
Andrew Abbott and Susan Schlough
Dr. Howard L. Fields
Ms. Tracy Landauer and Dr. Stephen Landauer
Peter and Nanci Kountz
Kathleen F. and Paul G. Kimball
Emile Karafiol
D. Carroll Joynes and Abby McCormick O'Nei
Gerald E. Kadish
Carrie and Gary Huff
Dr. Joseph Jarabak and Dr. Rebecca Jarabak
Linda and Paul Houdek
Harlow N. Higinbotham*
David * and Celia Hilliard
Lawrence Heller and Dayna Langfan
Hazel Fackler
Louise Frank*
Stanley M.* and Joan S.* Freehling
Dr. Henri Frischer*
Mr. and Mrs.* Maurice F. Fulton
Elisabeth Gleason
Jean K.* and Steven Goldman
Dr. Thomas B. Grassey
Harold Gossett
Nina S. Hellerstein


Pamela Allen
Nicole Been-Siskind
Dr. Herbert L. Baird Jr.
Peter J. H. Bentley*
Carolyn Bernstein
Beata B.* and Thomas J. Boodell
T. Kimball Brooker*
Clare Pinkert and Lincoln Schatz
Jason* and Deborah Selch
Dr. Cheryl Seaman
Lynne F. Schatz and Ralph Arthur Schatz
Jeffrey B. Schamis and Eva M. Eves
Michelle J. Ruvolo
Katherine C. and Peter L. Rossiter
Donald L. Ross
Shulamit Ran and Abraham Lotan
Michael R. Pownall and Ruth MacDonald
Ilene Warshawsky Shaw
Dr. Lee A. Pederson
Thomas Pavel
David M. Olster and Alice T. Christ
Martha C. Nussbaum
Jean and Jordan Nerenberg
Dr. Robert D. and Mrs. Phyllis Narveson
Helen E. Moritz
Beverly and Katsuhiko Momoi
William A. Weber
A. C. Zucaro
Tsing Yuan
Ping Wu
Sarah R. Wolff and Joel L. Handelman
Thomas and Molly Witten
Joan and Bruce Winstein
David E. Wellbery
Dena Weisbard
Jeanne T. and Edward A. Cohen
Edward and Edith Turkington
Gloria Tsien
Margaretta Tobias
Lester and Sylvia Telser
Philip J. Stucky
Dr. Timothy J. Standring and Ms. Susan Tamulonis
Joseph P. Shure*
Leonard P. Shaykin
Dr. Kathleen Anne Doyle
Franklin and Frances Gamwell
Gertrud and Walter T. Farber
Eleanor B. Frew
Heyward B. Ehrlich
Gerald and Edith Falk
Mr. Kent S. Dymak and Dr. Theodore N. Foss
Dr. Randa J. Duvick and Dr. David P. Grosnick
Dr. Adam M. Dubin
Pablo De Castro and Sylvie Anglin
Dr. James D. McCracken
Jim Cuno*
Dorothy and David Crabb
Robert D. Corey
Consulate General of the Netherlands
Nancy E. Connell
James Kwing-Man Cheng
Allan E.* and Suzette Bross Bulley III
Harry and Susan M. Meyers
Hanna and Charles Gray
Carol and Dewey A. Ganzel
Craig T. Mason
Barbara B. and Richard C. Longworth
Dr. Eva Lichtenberg* and Dr. Arnold Tobin
Scott K. and Rebecca T. Lehmann
Dr. Dorothy S. Lakner
William and Claudia Kretzschmar Jr.
Dr. Sally Kitch and Mr. Thomas Kitch
Susan L. Kingston
Barry** and Alice Karl
Charles H. Kadlec
Elizabeth and Howard Helsinger
Miriam Hansen and Michael E. Geyer
Betty Guttman
Alexandra Q. and Joel D. Grippando
Dr. Susan M. Griffin and Mr. Douglas R. Sharps
Donald Kass


Dr. Allan C. Bates and Dr. Laura R. Bates
Robert Basta
James P. Barron
Reed M. Badgley*
Victoria S. Austin
Dr. Mark Auburn and Mrs. Sandra Auburn
Theodore M. and Barbara J. Asner
Claire B. Ashman
Anna S. Arnar
Michael L. Bazzo
Robert Beatty
Leslie Bellavance
Joanne M. Berens
Dr. Mabel Berezin
Robert M. Berger
Thomas Bergman
Carla and R. Stephen Berry
Jae-Hoon Shim
David M. and Margaret Bevington
Mary S. and Stanley N. Allan
Matthew J. Abergel
Dr. Geoffrey Adams
Dr. Charles M. Adelman
Clifford Adelman
Dr. Constance K. Adelman
Paul G. Agostinelli
Dr. Juan Aguilar and Dr. Ann Ballen
Ahmad Ali Al-Haidar
John R. Alison
J. Nathaniel Arata
James P. and Susan J. Allen
Michael Allen
Michael N. Alper*
John S. Alterman
Lizabeth W. Anderson
Barbara Andrews
Jerry D. Andrews
Lyle E. Angene
Robert D. and Judith Appelbaum
Philip F. Venticinque
Cole P. Werble
Robert M. Welles
Mark E. Weinburg
Nathalie Weil
Alexander J. Wayne
Sarita Warshawsky
Orrin N. Wang and Marianne Conroy
Dr. Chester C. Wang
Mary J. Walsh
Mrs. Lucile A. Walker and Dr. Richard E. Walker
Robert and Rose Wagner
Jack Vogel
Frank J. Vodvarka
Stephen and Janet Westfall
Alberto Varon
Dr. John F. Van Ingen
Norma W. Van der Meulen
Gloria A. Valentine
Dr. Victor M. Uribe
Thomas G. Urban
Jane S. Upin
Douglas S. Twells
Dr. Roald D. Tweet
Russell and Marlene Tuttle
Dr. Robert Y. Turner
Dr. Ernest S. Tucker IV
Jiro Tsukada
Richard B. and Donna B. Wolf
Nicole Zreczny
David Zesmer
Anthony and Priscilla Yu
Pejman Yousefzadeh
Harold H. Young III
Susan and Kenneth Yano
Zutong Xing and Zhuojun Chen
Alina and Mark Wyman
Judith M. Wright and Mark A. Johnson
James and Susan Woolley
Jill K. Woodward
Susan P. Wolz
Susan and J. Terrence Wolkerstorfer
Dr. Katherine Tsiang
Dr. Roxane H. Witke
Maynard I. and Elaine Wishner
Dr. James R. Wiseman
Jacqueline B. Winter and Kathryn Tanner
Irene J. Winter and Robert C. Hunt
Stewart Winger and Elyse Nelson Winger
Caroline R. Wiltshire
Phillip E. and Lisa J. Wilson
Bruce and Patricia Williams
Andria J. Williams
Dr. Roberta H. White
Howard S. White
Richard and Roberta Wexler
Robert D. Solotaroff
Susan R. Stein
Clay W. Stauffer
Ellen and Christoph Stauder
Elizabeth J. Start
Hilde Staniulis*
Mark and Denise Stahura
Norman E. Stafford
Fred E. Stafford
Teresa and Craig Srajer
Janice and Richardson Spofford
Christina O. Spiesel
David H. Spears
Hugo F. and Elizabeth Sonnenschein
Kate D. Steinway
Alice and Julius Solomon
Warren H. Soiffer
Lee L. Snyder Ph.D.
Reverend Robert C. Smith
Louise K. Smith
Diane Smith*
David L. Smith and Vivian A. Cooke-Buckhoy
Kenneth H. Small
Dr. Laura A. Skosey and Dr. Robert J. LaLonde
Dr. Veronica L. Skinner
Patrick B. Singy
T. M. Simpson III
Dr. David P. Silverman
Dr. Romeyn Taylor
Dr. Eugene A. Troxell
Donald H. Tritschler
Mrs. Marian K. Towne and Dr. Edgar A. Towne
Herbert K. Tjossem
Dr. Glenn E. Tisdale Jr.
Frank P. Tirro
Stephen W. Timewell
David F. Tillotson
Pauline and Derek Tidman
Dr. Frank K. Thorp and Mrs. Nina Terry Thorp
Creath S. Thorne Jr.
Dr. Otto G. Thilenius and Mrs. Elsbeth Thilenius
Gilbert W. Thibedore
Roberta R. and Howard A. Siegel
Ms. Heather L. Taylor and Dr. Edwin W. Taylor
Dr. Barry D. Targan
Meng Tang
Ms. De-An W. Swihart and Dr. George H. Swihart
Ruth Z. Sweetser
Dr. Ronald F. G. Sweet
John F. Swanson
Barbara S. Sussman
Catherine Stuer
Helen L. Strauss
Dr. James F. Stottlar
Geoffrey and Nancy Stone
Mary Stewart
Gerald and Evelyn Marsh
Rosemary Mcleod
Barbara and Robert J. McKay
John P. McGuinness
Ann C. McCullough
Peter and Rosa McCullagh
Mrs. Anne D. McCausland and Reverend John L. McCausland
Hugh J. McCann Jr.
Roger A. McCaig
Juliet Y. Mattila
Stephanie Mathurin and John Hedden
David Mathers
Dr. Dominic F. Martia
William E. Marsh
Gordon Marsh
Zarin Mehta
Dr. Naomi E. Margolis
Frederick and Sabina Maravilla
David P. Manfredi
Erica L. Mandel
Katherine M. Malmquist
David C. Maddox
Hugh C. MacFarlane Jr.
Claudia S. Macdonald
Mary L. MacAdam
Frida Lutska-Litvak
Dr. Karen Lucas
Renee Lubell and David Lubell
Julie B. Lovins and Gregory Fowler
Charles A. Moore
Dr. David W. Nasgowitz
Katherine R. Narveson and Eric H. Crump
Yuka Nakajima
Shankar Nair
Robert D. Nachman and Tobi G. Ehrenpreis
Cathy Sue Nachman
Reverend Mildred H. Myren
Louise Myers
Patricio K. Moxey
Nancy J. Moser
Mary E. Moser
Mary N. Morrow
Walter R. Morris Jr.
Rob Loughlin and Jennifer Swain
Don A. Monson
Dr. Ernest Mond
Dr. Marcia K. Moen
Yoko Mizuta
Mrs. Karen Minge and the Honorable David Minge
Irena Milosavljevic
Jacqueline J. Miller
Jean Milew and Christopher Cerimele
Patricia H. Michaelson
Dorism and Glenn Merritt
Robert W. Merrill
Lenore B. Melzer
Chauncey J. Mellor III and Doris Gove
Dr. Roger C. Klein
Reverend Robert J. Kurtz
Anthony E. Kuester
Raymond J. and Alma M. Kuby
David A. Krueger
Martin Kreiswirth
Amanda Konder
Ulay T. Komar
Janet L. Kohrman
Dr. Kenneth J. Knoespel and Mrs. Amy Knoespel
Laura B. Knipp
Gregory G. Knight
Terese E. Klinger
Dr. Scott A. Kleiner
Dr. William F. Klein
Michael F. La Plante
Nancy H. Klein
Deborah S. and John C. Klasing
Peter J. Klarfeld
Dr. Barbara S. Kirschner
Jacqueline P. Kirley and William R. Schick
Carolyn C. Kinsley
Gail O. King
Suk-Young Kim
Michael F. Kerr
Anne B. Kenny-Urban and William G. Urban
Charles A. Kelly
Brian B. Kelly
Dr. Brooks M. Kelley
Susan M. Leshnower
Melvin R. Loeb
Jing-Hwa Lin and Sher-Shiueh Li
Karen P. Lieb
Stephen Evarts Lewis
Ramsey E. Lewis.*
Franklin D. Lewis
Dr. Barbara K. Lewalski
Laurie K. Lew
Nancy Levner
Saul Levmore and Julie A. Roin
Katherine N. Levin
Dr. William J. Leverence and Ms. Margaret K. Horn
Dr. Barry M. Lesht and Ms. Kay L. Schichtel
Dr. Jeffrey Norman Nelson
Carol D. and Ralph M. Lerner
John Leovy
Judith Y. Lee
Dr. Donald L. Lawler
Rosemary M. Laughlin
Margaret G. Lass-Gardiner
Ms. Susan J. Larson and Dr. David W. Larson
Mr. Gordon A. Larson and Reverend Wendy Larson
Gary N. Larson
Dante and Jane Lanzetta
Thereza Lanitis
Delin Lai
Dr. Carol LaHurd and Dr. Ryan LaHurd
Dr. Dionisia A. Rola
Gail R. Rung
Dr. Manfred D. Ruddat
James R. Royse
Dr. Janet D. Rowley and Dr. Donald A. Rowley
Ann M. Rothschild
Jeremy S. Roth
Bennett Roth
Dr. Pilar V. Rotella and Dr. Salvatore G. Rotella
Dr. Signe A. Rooth
Dr. Raymond P. Roos and Mrs. Antoinette Roos
David A. Roos
Eyvind C. Ronquist
Karen A. Rondestvedt
Nicholas R. Rome**
Craig M. Rustici
Judith S. and Howard J. Roin
Thomas and Ursula Roberts
Amelia A. Ripepi
Juliette Richman
Brian L. Richards
Mrs. Naomi N. Richard and Dr. Joseph Richard
Richard G. Rhodes Sr.
Sally B. Reynolds
Saeko Reynolds
David B. Rehm
Mary V. Reed
David T. Read
Hildegund and James M. Ratcliffe
Reverend William F. Schulz III
Elizabeth E. Siegel
Timothy and Marcia Sherry
Karen and Alan Senter
Judith and David Sensibar
William and Jill Sellers
Dr. Robert T. Self
Richard R. Seidel
Sally Sedgwick
Stasha Seaton
Dr. Alcyone M. Scott
The Schwebel Company
Esther J. Schwartz
David E. Schwalm
Robert and Carolyn Rankin
Timothy W. Scholl
Joy Schochet and Jonathan Green
Dr. Arthur B. Schneider
Allan W. Schindler
Barry P. Scherr
Dorothy A. Scheff
Marilyn L. Schaefer
John and Susan Schaal
Dr. Esther M. Santana
Mollie Sandock and James A. Brokaw II
Harold and Deloris Sanders
Edward B. Samuel
Nancy L. Sack
Henry and Ilene Ordower
Paul Peppis and Elizabeth Wadsworth
Curtis J. Peplau
Robert L. Pendleton
Marjorie A. Pearson
Elinor L. Pearlstein
Maria A. Paul
Irene H. Patner*
Bob Partridge
Dorothy J. Parkander
Dr. Eung-Chun Park
Amparo Y. Padilla
Dr. John H. Ottenhoff
Donna and Clifford Orwin
Emery A. Percell
The Estate of Elizabeth Oppenheim
Dr. Earnest R. Oney
Jeffrey W. Olson
James A. O'Hara III
Kathleen and Michael O'Connor
Dr. George D. O'Brien
Dr. Eric W. Nye
Dr. Douglas A. Northrop
Carolyn G. Nolan
David A. and Deborah P. Nicklas
Dr. Horace M. Newcomb Jr.
Donna and Leland Neuberg
Ellen V. Nerenberg
Anne Pinkert
Gwen E. Quick
Xiaowen Qian
Sally M. Promey
Glenda E. Pritchett and James A. Magner
Dr. John E. Priestley
Marty G. Price
Prairie Explorers
Sandra L. Potter
The Honorable Richard A. Posner and Mrs. Charlene Posner
Mary F. Portis
Dr. Henry A. Ploegstra
Frederick T. Pishotta
Mr. Daniel Pinkert and Dr. Laura Schwab
Margaret A. Binford
Adam and Michelle Pinkert
Yvette Renee Piggush
Stanley Pierre-Louis*
Willie Pickens*
Kathleen Picken
Mrs. Judith Phillips and Dr. Eugene Balter
John F. Petrik
Ms. Joan Peters* and Dr. William Caro
Michel and Anne Perrault
Anthony N. Perovich Jr.
Michael S. Perlman
James Perlman
John M. Perlette
Robert E. Daily
Dr. Donald L. Dyer and Mrs. Helen M. Dyer
Vladimir Drinfeld and Tatyana Nesterova
Ruth D. Drexler-Lenser
Peter and Kathryn Dorman
Challes Donaho
Pamela and John Dister
Michael Dinges and Robin Winge
Jane A. Desforges and Michael J. White
David L. Derus
Dr. Robert D. Denham
Dr. Alexis M. Demopoulos and Ms. Samira Shah
Dale Delsing
Mark R. De Lancey
Dr. Richard C. De Armond
Timothy O. Dykstal
Dr. Ingrid H. Daemmrich and Dr. Horst S. Daemmrich
Barbara F. Currie
Sonia V. Csaszar
Pat S. Cronin
Catherine D. Coy
Dr. Thomas J. Cox
Carrie E. Cowherd
Joan K. Costello
Kristin L. Cordova
Claire D. Corbett
Ronald S. and Rose Ann Cope
Robert J. Connelly Jr.
Helen and Michael Conley
Octavia Fallwell
Dean H. Francis
Dr. Samuel E. Fox
Charles W. Fornara
Sarah J. Fodor
Geoffrey Flick
Bradford Y. Fletcher
Sheila Fitzpatrick
Dr. Alston Fitts III
Sara and Ted Fishman
Anne S. Fishman
Solveig G. and William M. Fisher
Wayne D. Fields
Janell and Sidney Fiarman
Elizabeth S. and Edwin H. Conger
Pauline M. Eveillard
John Evans
Mary Erler
Dr. Millard J. Erickson
Dr. John H. Erickson
Isaac Epstein
William P. Epes
Stephen P. Engstrom
Linda M. Edmunds
Teri J. Edelstein and Neil Harris
Patricia G. Echols
Hiroshi Ebine
Rose B. Dyrud
Nicholas S. Bogert
Christina R. Brungardt
Anthony Bruck
John and Andrea Briggs
Beatrice B. Briggs
Dr. Edward E. Brickell Jr.
Dr. Richard H. Brewer and Dr. Mary Ann Schwartz
William R. Brainerd
Gretel Braidwood and Raymond D. Tindel
Emil Bova and Sumathi Raghavan
Dr. Constance B. Bouchard and Mr. Robert Bouchard
Richard A. Born
Janet R. Borggren
Phyllis B. Booth
Martha and Timothy Bohrer
Ms. Luanne Buchanan and Dr. Michael H. Hoffheimer
Jaryna and Phillip Bodrock
Charlotte W. Bode
David L.* and Linda Blumberg
Karen and Steven Bloomberg
Theodore C. Bloch
Spencer and Lesley Bloch
Dr. Lincoln C. Blake and Mrs. Barbara Holly Blake
Dr. Ellen A. Blais
Bonnie J. Blackburn
Matthew R. Blackall
Margaret A. Bjerklie
Dr. Fred E. Bisshopp
Charles and Helen Bidwell
John B. Chaimov
John C. and Jane B. Colman
Dorothy C. Collins
John S. Colley
Dr. Fredric L. Coe and Dr. Eleanor B. Coe
Kathryn Marie Cochran
Hubert J. Cloke
Charlene Chisek
Judy M. Chernick
Jonathan and Jeanmarie Chenette
Dr. Rolf H. Charlston
Elsa Charlston
Pei-Yu Chang
James K. and Elizabeth O'Connor Chandler
J. M. Kavanaugh
Keith A. Cary
Phyllis Carroll
Edward Carr
Margaret D. Carlson and LeRoy T. Carlson Sr.
Randy and Tania Capin
Gloria Ann Capik and Vasyl William Zuk
Robert S. Cantwell and Lydia N. Wegman
Susan M. Camillo
Dr. Daniel F. Calhoun
Dr. William M. Calder III
Kevin A. Byrnes
Dr. Calvin S. Byre
Lynda K. Bundtzen
Doris B. Holleb*
Masako Ito
Istanbul Restaurant
Dr. Kenneth K. Inada
Sidney and Fredda Hyman
Janellen Huttenlocher and Dr. Peter Huttenlocher
Susan C. and C. Hadlai Hull
Rosemary Hughes
John E. Hughes
John and Shizue Howe
Dr. Richard D. Horn and Dr. Diane L. Souvaine
Dr. Robert Allan Horick
Travis P. Hooper
Dr. J. Arthur Honeywell
Robert I. Holst
Cheryl L. Iverson
Dale H. Hoiberg
Douglas and Shirlee Hoffman
Hoffman Adjustment Inc.
Yukari Hirata
Dr. Roscoe E. Hill
James M. Hicks
Cadmus M. Hicks
Dr. Patricia E. Hernlund
Heather C. Henry
Roberta Hendrick
Janet and Robert Helman
Terry L. Heller
Janet Heller and Michael Krischer
Katherine S. Kadish
Ardis F. Keefer
Ruth A. Kauffmann
Kumi Kato
David J. Kathman Jr.
Yoko Katayama
Patricia L. Kassebaum
Barbara Kashian-Snow and Joel Snow
William and Shirley Kaplan
Suresh Kannan
Marianne Kamp
Esta and Thomas Kallen
Jeffrey L. Kallberg
Arthur S. Kahn
Wallace C. Frazer
Dr. Edward R. Jones III
Robert D. Jollay Jr.
Eric W. Johnson
Jan and Bill Jentes
Susan M. Janecek
Russell R. Jalbert
Dr. Smilja Jakovcic Rabinowitz
Evelyn D. and Richard D. Jaffe
Ms. Kineret S. Jaffe and Dr. Morton M. Silverman
Catherine M. Jaffe
John C. Jacobs
Maureen K. Ivory
Salvatore A. Ivone
Dr. Arthur I. Geffen
Robert L. Goodman
Suzanne M. Golubski
Mrs. Betty Goldiamond
Howard and Natalie Goldberg
Dr. Jacqueline L. Glomski
Patricia B. Glenn
Burton and Adrienne Glazov
William K. Glavin
Ilse M. Glaser
Caroline A. Girgis
James S. Ginsburg*
Deborah Lynn Gillaspie and Frederick W. Sturm
Adele B. Gidwitz*
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Dr. Robert L. Heinrikson and Mrs. Jane Heinrikson
Shaleane Gee
Dr. Byron Walter Gassman
Fred L. Gardaphe
Charles V. Ganelin
Claire K. Fund
Reverend Yoshiaki Fujitani
Henry and Priscilla Frisch
Joan S. Friendman
Anna G. Freund
Dr. Sarah W. Freedman
Sarah Frederick and Christopher Lehrich
Dr. Joseph N. Frank
Jeffrey W. Helgeson
Dr. Katherine K. Gottschalk
Virginia T. Hegland
Thomas F. Hedin
Robert E. Haverkamp
Robert G. and Patsy W. Hassert
Dr. Robert D. Harvey
Mary J. Harvey
Dr. Karelisa V. Hartigan
Dr. Phillip Harth
Robert and Ronne Hartfield
Kip K. Harris
Robert A. Hamburger Jr.
Morris Halle
Cynthia J. Hahn
Eleanor and Sidney Guralnick
Ida C. Hagman
Amy G. and Michael D. Gordon
Erica G. Granchalek
Judith A. Gray
Dr. Mary E. Green
Dr. Samuel Greengus and Mrs. Lesha Greengus
Elizabeth E. Griffin
Raina Lai-Lin Grigg
Cynthia Grubbs
James O. Grunebaum
Chaoxia Gu
Donald J. Griffin

Gifts in Honor of Individuals

Martha C. Nussbaum in honor of Philip Gossett
Catherine C. Mouly* and LeRoy T. Carlson Jr. in honor of Philip Gossett
Zarin Mehta in honor of Philip Gossett
Mrs. Frank D. Mayer* in honor of Philip Gossett
Barbara F. Marshall* in honor of Philip Gossett
Anthony* and Darlene Maramarco in honor of Philip Gossett
Dr. Eva Lichtenberg* and Dr. Arnold Tobin in honor of Philip Gossett
Mr.* and Mrs. William J. Lawlor III in honor of Philip Gossett
Charles Kelly in honor of Philip Gossett
Jan and Bill Jentes in honor of Philip Gossett
Donald L. Kass in honor of Philip Gossett
Ruth O'Brien and Stuart A. Rice in honor of Philip Gossett
Barry Preston* and Eunice Valdivia Preston in honor of Philip Gossett
Tuuli-Ann Ristkok in honor of Philip Gossett
Ms. Martha T. Roth and Dr. Bryon Rosner in honor of Philip Gossett
Karla Scherer* in honor of Philip Gossett
Leonard P. Shaykin in honor of Philip Gossett
Jeffrey Skelton* in honor of Philip Gossett
Mary Stewart in honor of Annielka Yury Schuler
Geoffrey and Nancy Stone in honor of Philip Gossett
Orrin N. Wang and Marianne Conroy in honor of Miriam Hansen
Anthony and Priscilla Yu in honor of Philip Gossett
D. Carroll Joynes and Abby McCormick O'Neil in honor of Philip Gossett
Emile Karafiol in honor of Philip Gossett
Mrs. Edwin A. Bergman* in honor of Philip Gossett
Randy L.* and Melvin R. Berlin in honor of Philip Gossett
Robert D. Biggs in honor of Philip Gossett
Margaret and James Brasch in honor of Carol J. DiNal
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert A. Brawer in honor of Philip Gossett
Mr.* and Mrs. Bruce E. Clinton in honor of Philip Gossett
Anita Straub Darrow* in honor of Philip Gossett
Robert G. Donnelley* in honor of Philip Gossett
Harve A. Ferrill* in honor of Philip Gossett
Virginia and Gary Gerst in honor of Philip Gossett
Harold Gossett in honor of Philip Gossett
Hanna and Charles Gray in honor of Philip Gossett
Richard and Mary L. Gray in honor of Philip Gossett
Julie and Parker* Hall in honor of Philip Gossett
Miriam Hansen and Michael E. Geyer in honor of Philip Gossett
Mrs. Harold H. Hines* in honor of Maurice Fulton
Philip Jacks in honor of Will Jacks
Ms. Kineret S. Jaffe and Dr. Morton M. Silverman in honor of Philip Gossett
Gayle H. Jensen* in honor of Philip Gossett
Adele B. Gidwitz* in honor of Philip Gossett

Gifts in Memoriam

Mary N. Morrow in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Janel Mueller in memory of John Haugeland
Donna and Clifford Orwin in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Eustace and Jacqueline Pinto in memory of Bernard Lieberman
Sylvia Scherr in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Dr. Edna Southard in memory of Dr. Robert Southard
Ruth Ultmann in memory of Dr. John E. Ultmann
Joan Wellman in memory of John Haugeland
Rebecca West in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Diana C. and Peter White in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Richard R. Wotkun in memory of Ruth Lorraine Wotkun
Alina and Mark Wyman in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Yelena Zotova and Vladimir D. Stremoukhov in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Suk-Young Kim in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Frida Lutska-Litvak in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Jill S. Bixler in memory of William F. Sibley
Jaryna and Phillip Bodrock in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Vladimir Donchik in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Vladimir Drinfeld and Tatyana Nesterova in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Dr. Donald Dyer and Mrs. Helen Dyer in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Elisabeth Gleason in memory of Dr. John B. Gleason
Miriam Hansen and Michael E. Geyer in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Dr. Robert L. Heinrikson and Mrs. Jane Heinrikson in memory of Robert Ashenhurst
Rosemary Hughes in memory of Martha and Paul Korngold
Susan M. Janecek in memory of Anna Lisa Crone
Barbara Johnson and Carolyn Bernstein in memory of David Charles Kadlec
Sonna and Michael Kalis in memory of Anna Lisa Crone

Matching Gifts

Wells Fargo Foundation
Trans Union Corporation
Time Warner Foundation
St. Paul Travelers Foundation
Sanofi Pasteur Inc.
Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Nuveen Investments, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Merrill Lynch and Co. Foundation, Inc.
Google Inc.
Elsevier Foundation
Deloitte Foundation
Caterpillar Foundation
Anheuser-Busch Foundation
American International Group
MFS Investment Management

Gifts From Estates

Chester D. Tripp
Janice Trimble
Ethel Rose Schellhaas
W. Leroy Owens
Elizabeth Oppenheim
Margaret McKenzie
Lorraine Creel
Charlene Hodges Byrd
Walter Blair