Although it’s not quite the same as watching the original nitrate prints, you can find early color films online. Joshua Yumibe, AM’00, PhD’07, picks some of his favorites.

The numerous “serpentine dance” films from the 1890s

George Méliès's color films (see Flicker Alley's recently released Blu-ray set)

Les six soeurs Dainef (1902)

Sculpteur moderne (1908) by Segundo de Chomón

Le spectre rouge (1907) by Segundo de Chomón

Les tulipes (1907) by Segundo de Chomón

Mills in Joy and Sorrow (1912) by Alfred Machin

Maudite soit la guerre (1914) by Alfred Machin

The restored version of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Walter Ruttmann’s Opus films, such as Opus 2 (1921)

Ballet mécanique (1924) by Dudley Murphy and Fernand Léger

The Timeline of Historical Film Colors is also a wonderful resource for various color processes