Will Faber, an ethnomusicology PhD candidate who studies popular black music in Britain—particularly reggae, electronic dance musics, and jazz—enjoys a wide variety of music, from pop to “blisteringly harsh ear bleeders.”
Curious to hear the variety, we asked him to send a few choices from each category. Please enjoy (or not) three tracks that may remind you of a construction site that you hurry past and three more that may get you dancing in your seat: 
Ear Pushers
Untitleds”: Kevin Drumm, from I Have A Computer 
Arnaud Rivière and Jean-Philippe Gross: Monoface
Body Movers
Changuito”: Mala, from Mala in Cuba
"Slam": Phuture, from Trax Records
"Alipanga": Don Drummond, from Jazz Ska Attack 1964


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