The University of Chicago Center in Beijing opened its doors just two years ago, but it has already provided myriad opportunities for UChicago scholars to engage with China.

Faculty members from the Division of the Humanities organized and participated in the following lectures and conferences,  among the many events and programs offered at the center.


Contemporary Ink Painting and Art Historical Perspectives
September 21–22, 2010

Creel Lecture Presents Li Xueqin
December 10, 2010

Dipesh Chakrabarty Lectures in Shanghai and Hangzhou
December 12 and 14, 2010

Multilingual Data Integration and 3D Visualization of Cultural Heritage Information Workshop
April 14, 2011

Distinguished Lecture Series: Edward Shaughnessy on "The Historical Significance of the Qinghua Bamboo Strips"
June 27, 2011

Planning Meeting for the Tianlongshan Cave Digital Imaging Project
September 7, 2011

Second International Conference on Ancient Tomb Art
September 9–11, 2011

Popular Culture and Books of Fate in Early China Planning Meeting
September 10, 2011

Music Theory Between East and West
November 16–18, 2011

Maimonides and Medieval Jewish Thought
April 19, 2012

The Western Classics in Modern China
April 27–29, 2012

Lawrence Rothfield on Urban Scenes and Antiquities Under Siege
June 9, 2012

Chinese Opera Film: At the Intersection of Theater, Cinema, and Politics
June 14–16, 2012

Geof Oppenheimer: People Problems
September 18, 2012

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