Onward and Upward

Hire a humanist

Are you interested in supporting the career of a graduate student in the Division of the Humanities? You can do so by:

Hosting an externship, which pairs a current master’s or PhD student with an alumnus of the division for two to three days of on-the-job mentoring;

Hiring a graduate student for a summer or permanent position through Chicago Career Connection, an online resource of the University’s Career Advancement office;

Speaking about your career path to current students through on-campus career programs.

Alumni have hosted externs at TimeOut Chicago, the Block Museum of Art, Cook County Circuit Court, Morningstar Inc., the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and other venues. To get involved, please contact Audrey Carie at 773.834.2502 or acarie@uchicago.edu.

Did we miss you on this year's list of job placements?  Please send an update to the Humanities Dean of Students Office at humdos@uchicago.edu.

Read advice and reflections from recent Humanities PhDs about their job searches here.


PhD Programs

Art History

  • William Bourland, Instructor, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
  • Nancy Feldman, Instructor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Julia Orell, Assistentin, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Universität Zürich
  • Yu Yu, Assistant Curator of Chinese Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Cinema and Media Studies

  • Doron Galili, Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
  • Diane Lewis, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
  • Katharina Loew, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
  • Inga Pollmann, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina
  • Michelle Puetz, Instructor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Yuki Takinami, Project Lecturer, University of Tokyo
  • Man Fung Yip, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma


  • Raymond Kania, Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley
  • Frances Spaltro, Latin Teacher, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Comparative Literature

  • Melissa Anderson, Administrative Coordinator, West Company

Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science

  • Cecelia Watson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

East Asian Languages and Civilizations

  • Ethan Harkness, Assistant Professor, New York University
  • Fumiko Joo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
  • Tie Xiao, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
  • Yijiang Zhong, Postdoctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore

English Language and Literature

  • David Alworth, Assistant Professor, Harvard University
  • Rachel Eisendrath, Assistant Professor, Barnard College
  • James Hodge, Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University
  • Elizabeth Hutcheon, Assistant Professor, Huntingdon College
  • Joshua Kotin, Assistant Professor, Princeton University
  • Marie Satya McDonough, Lecturer, Boston University
  • Michael Meeuwis, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bilkent University
  • M. Stephanie Murray, Associate Director and Academic Advisor, BXA Intercollege Degree Programs, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Anahid Nersessian, Assistant Professor, Columbia University
  • William Orchard, Assistant Professor, Colby College
  • Thomas Perrin, Assistant Professor, Huntingdon College
  • Michael Robbins, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Adam Rzepka, English Instructor, Stanford University Online High School
  • Karin Wimbley, Visiting Assistant Professor, Knox College
  • Nathan Wolff, Program Associate, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Germanic Studies

  • Hannah Eldridge, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Leigh Ann Smith-Gary, Student, School of Social Administration

History of Culture

  • Anna Friedman Herlihy, Lecturer, University of Chicago; School of the Art Institute of Chicago


  • Yaron McNabb, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Konstanz
  • Donald Metlay, Researcher, University of Rochester
  • Christopher Straughn, Searches Assistant, Regenstein, University of Chicago Library


  • Jacob Bancks, Assistant Professor, Augustana College
  • Luis-Manuel Garcia, Postdoctoral Fellow, Free University of Berlin
  • Erika Honisch, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Andrew Mall, Lecturer, University of Chicago; DePaul
  • Rumya Putcha, Visiting Assistant Professor, Earlham College
  • Shayna Silverstein, Lecturer, University of Chicago; Northwestern
  • Chen Yao, Assistant Professor, Illinois State University
  • Mark Yeary, Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

  • Catherine Bronson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Beloit College
  • Choukri Heddouchi, Lecturer, Dural Qasim
  • Joseph Lam, Lecturer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Leann Pace, Postdoctoral Fellow, Wake Forest University
  • Volkan Stodolsky, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dural Qasim
  • Elizabeth Urban, Visiting Assistant Professor, Brandeis University


  • Rafeeq Hasan, Harper and Schmidt Collegiate Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
  • Ryan Long, Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University
  • Justin Shaddock, Postdoctoral Fellow, Williams College
  • Julio Tuma, Lecturer in Integrated Studies (honors) program, University of Pennsylvania

Romance Languages and Literatures

  • Heather Allen, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Jesus Botello Lopez Canti, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
  • Mireille Dobrzynski, French Teacher, Los Angeles
  • Raffaello Palumbo Mosca, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Kent
  • Michael Subialka, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bilkent University

Slavic Languages and Literatures

  • Radoslav Borislavov, Postdoctoral Fellow, Miami University

South Asian Languages and Civilizations

  • Rajarshi Ghose, Postdoctoral Fellow, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies
Master's Programs

Master of Arts Program in the Humanities

  • Tania Albin, Culinary Student, Le Cordon Bleu
  • Jonathan Baker, Intern Browne & Miller, University of Chicago
  • Erik Boyko, Deckhand, Motor Yacht Symphony II
  • Elizabeth Bullock, Box Office, Blue Man Group
  • Anna Burch, Intern Odyssey Project, University of Chicago
  • Allison Carlisle, Intern Newcity, University of Chicago
  • Sara Cole, Instructor, Prairie State College
  • Nathaniel Dell, AmeriCorps Caseworker, Guardian Angel Settlement Association at Hosea House, St. Louis
  • Clark Feusier, Writer, SongLyrics.com
  • Timothy Fosbury, Intern Project on Civic Reflection, University of Chicago
  • Nicole Foti, Assistant, Logan Center, University of Chicago
  • Anne Goetz, In-School Math Specialist, Academy for Urban School Leadership
  • Sara Goldstein, Educational Counselor, Schuler Scholar Program
  • Tozer Hammond, Latin Instructor, Legal Prep Charter School
  • Matthew Hartman, Operations Manager, SongLyrics.com
  • Ian Hickox, MAPH Mentor/ Writing Intern, University of Chicago
  • William Hutchison, MAPH Mentor/ Writing Intern, University of Chicago
  • Elizabeth John, Intern Newberry Library, University of Chicago
  • Clinton Kinkade, Research Assistant, Prof. Gary Remer from Tulane University
  • Tristan Krautkramer, High School Teacher, Bay Area Private school
  • Christopher Kruger, Math Tutor, Academy for Urban School Leadership
  • Zhenzhen Lu, Student, PhD EALC, University of Pennsylvania
  • Briana McDonald, Tutor, Nurturing Wisdom
  • Christine McKeon, MAPH Mentor/ Writing Intern, University of Chicago
  • Ryan McLaughlin, Permissions Specialist, Creative Compliance
  • Joy Miller, Group Secretary, Division of the Humanities, University of Chicago
  • Jordan Musser, Teacher, Accompanist, and Private Instrumental Coach, Hyde Park Suzuki Institute
  • Ashlee Patterson, Coordinating Developer, Lumen Christi Institute
  • Anna Paustenbach, Intern Project on Civic Reflection, University of Chicago
  • Marlee Prutton, Intern Chicago Humanities Festival, University of Chicago
  • Stephen Pulvirent, Associate Editor, Hodinkee
  • Jennifer Robers, Intern Smart Museum, University of Chicago
  • Scott Roniger, Student, PhD Philosophy, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
  • Eric Rosenbaum, Internship , Chicago History Museum
  • Adam Rosenthal, Production Assistant, Upper Ground Production
  • Teresa Rostkowski, Case Clerk, Lief Cabraser
  • Jennifer Ruddock-Cordileone, Internship , Guggenheim Dept. of Photography
  • Alissa Smith, Development Associate, Jumpstart Chicago
  • Marybeth Southard, Intern Odyssey Project/Adjunct Teacher, University of Chicago/East-West Univ.
  • Anastasia Standa, Intern Project on Civic Reflection, University of Chicago
  • Louis Sterrett, Assistant, Critical Inquiry, University of Chicago
  • Amanda Sweeney, High School Teacher, BASIS Tucson North High School
  • Kristin Tyndall, Editing Assistant, IMPACT Program

Middle Eastern Studies

  • Leah Siskind, Director of Government Affairs, Consulate General of Israel-San Francisco

Visual Arts

  • Saul Appelbaum, Digital Project Management for Business Operations, Midwest Photo Exchange
  • Lauren Beck, Lecturer, University of Chicago
  • David Giordano, Lecturer, University of Chicago
  • Anna Johnson, Lecturer, Rice University
  • Clare Rosean, Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University
  • Clare Rosean, Freelance Design Assistant / Freelance Illustrator, Carus Publishing / Illinois Humanities Counsel
  • Cassandra Troyan, Lecturer, University of Chicago
  • Shane Ward, Lecturer, University of Chicago