Foxwell, Brittenham, and Crowley
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Outside the Frame

A new generation investigates art across centuries and continents.
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Vital Signs

Three scholars meet where gesture, sign, and language converge.
An aerial view of Zincirli
graduate students

Back, and to the Future

Digital tools transform the study of ancient civilizations.
Poet Maureen McLane
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Between Verses

Poet and literary scholar Maureen McLane, PhD'97, explores the hybrid spaces in writing.

News in Brief

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Ted Cohen

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At the Heart of Opera

Between premieres and publications, Philip Gossett continues a lively career.
Amy Gold, AM'90, and husband Brett Gorvy

Work of Art

An alum in the commercial art world helps students find their calling.
humanities at work
Jackie Reber

From Great Books to Gigabytes

Humanities alumni offer tips for thriving in tech careers.