About Tableau (Fall 2011)

Tableau is published twice a year by the Division of the Humanities at the University of Chicago for our alumni and friends.

Elizabeth Station

Contributing Editors
Courtney C. W. Guerra, AB’05
Hannah Hayes
Nicholas Lopez, AB’03
Miranda Swanson, AM'01

Web Support  
Bill Hutchison
Peter Thorson, AB’08

Susie Allen, AB’09
A-J Aronstein, AM'10
Carrie Golus, AB’91, AM’93
Courtney C. W. Guerra, AB'05
Hannah Hayes
Katherine Muhlenkamp
Benjamin Rechhie, AB'03
Elizabeth Station

Courtney C. W. Guerra, AB’05
Rhonda Smith

Photography and Images
Dan Dry
Bruce Powell
Drew Reynolds
Sally Ryan
Jason Smith
Smart Museum of Art

Thanks to Heather Upshaw in the Humanities Division and to staff in the Office of Strategic Communications, Alumni Relations and Development, for additional support.

Contact Tableau at the Division of the Humanities, University of Chicago, 1115 East 58th Street, Chicago IL 60637; tableau@uchicago.edu.